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    Why Student Attendance System with RFID and SMS?
    ? Frequency at which students enter or leave the school.
    Its a attendance gate. Students just walk through and therefore no queue and no waiting.
    ? Bio metric is slow and fails to recognize wet fingers, soiled fingers easily.
    RFID chip is embedded in I-Card itself so student doesn’t need to carry any other wearable.
    RFID student attendance system with SMS is connected to cloud and completely wireless.
    All data captured by device can be shared with parents and school and accessed from anywhere even on mobile..
    Attendance device is multi purpose and can be used both for employee and students attendance.
    SMS also sent to parents immediately as soon as student’s attendance marked. Its on entry and exit of student from school.Apart from attendance, it adds a safety feature as well

Automatic School Attendance System will help save time and money by eliminating a great deal of manual processes involved in attendance and leave entry and calculating hours attended.

We provides a powerful cloud-based solution for schools and higher education institutions to reduce staff workload and improve efficiencies with automated time and attendance system.