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    that you need!
    Turn Data into information, and information into insight.
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    WiFY - Offline Content Management
    Offline Platform for Travelers Usage, Food Ordering, Hospital Information System, Others..
    Fun , Enjoy Services
    Cost Effective - Stop Think Of Data Pack
    Movable,Portable,Cost effective
    Smart maintains - Earn Revenue with Add Services
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    Next GENration Reporting (NGR) with A.I.
    Flexible UserInterface
    Easily Scalable
    Fast Processing
    A.I with Predictive Analysis
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    Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
    Make it to grow in Business Expanding.
    Do you have Wallet System? No..We can make it for you
    Are you want to Setting Up Network Levels along with mettings and tasks?
    Yes..We can better to understand
    Report Management like networks, wallet, tasks, etc..
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    School Attendance System
    We Automate the Student Attendance Management process.
    Smart Office Cloud Software for Report used in School
    We also provide attacndance with RFID system at affordable cost (Biometric & card based)
    Report Management for Student Performance, Attendance, etc..
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    UX & UI design and development for Web apps
    You lose your business if you fail to satisfy user expectations
    User experience and interface design need to attract customers
    When the success of your software application depends on a world-class user interface design,
    can you afford to take chances?..LogicQ can help you develop beautiful and functional interfaces
    Our User Interface/User eXperience (UI/UX) Design best practices....
    User centered design, Clarity and simplicity, Consistency, Visual hierarchy, Feedback, etc....

Our UI/UX Design Works

Bad user experience drives away customers.... It lends an opportunity for competitors to build new businesses. We have design UX for Single Resturant, Multi Resturant and Political Campaign. Single Resturant and Multi Resturant UX have admin operation, User Operation, Dashbaord, placing order and payment getway. Political Campaign UX has admin mode ,dashboard, trend analysis, task and meeting managment.

Our Products

We always keep an eye out for promising products and experienced development teams to help us provide you with the best software solutions available

WiFY - Offline Content Management

Way of doing thing in easier way and movable manner. Offline Platform for Travelers Usage, Food Ordering, Hospital Information System, Others.

Home Seva - Puja Needs

HomeSeva is E-Commerce Platform and we offers products like Flowers, Puja Samgri, Purohita, Prasad, etc..

Multi-Level Networking (MLM)

A Legitimate Business Strategy, where top 3 MLM business are Avon Products, Inc. , Herbalife Ltd. , Amway.
We have made a Website as GETPAY.IN

School Attendance System

Managing Student Attendances and inform their parents about attacndance report if any shorts of attacndance.

Our Services

We can offer your company a full range of services. Now-a-day, the acceleration is pitching old-style business methods into demand and disrupting the significance of whole productions.


We believe in a comprehensive approach – becoming a part of our client's business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible.

Software Solutions

We provide custom software solutions that best meet our clients' specific requirements and technology (HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Spring, Hibernate, REST API, JSON, etc.).

Product Development

We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage.


We provide cheap Bulk SMS for both Transectional & Promotional SMS, Voice SMS and best reseller oppertunities for ALL.